The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect

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Writing as localroger, I have been contributing to K5 since June of 2001. All of the stories I've published there had to be approved through the Scoop edit queue, requiring a 4-to-1 preponderance of at least 100 people voting in favor, rather than against, publication. And some of those guys can be picky! (you know who you are.)

A few of the works I'm most proud of would include:

Passages in the Void
The Science Fiction short story whose warm reception inspired the trunk-novel-posting project at hand.

A Casino Odyssey
In four parts, the true story of my gambling career, from my first visit to a casino through my education as a low-rolling promotion shark to my association with a high-rolling team of card counters.

The Company of Humans
A humorous metaphor of the human race as Microsoft. I'm still not sure whether whether the human race or Microsoft should be more insulted.

Confessions of an Unrepentant Code Commando
My own perspective on the art of computer programming, followed by a great discussion.

My reminiscences of working in chemical plants. It ain't like working in an office.

Paleotech 01: Sparks and Glory
Paleotech 02: The Man who Built Tomorrow
Paleotech 03: The First Electronics
The first three installments of a series introducing some historically important but dreadfully obsolete machinery. I will get around to doing 04 one day, I promise. I just have to get over this working-all-the-time thing.

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